System security at has the highest priority. By integrating the multi-level user authorization and access controls embedded in the administration system with all the advanced security features provided by Microsoft Azure, is delivered to insurance companies with the highest standard of system security and business continuity.

User Authorization allows system administrators to specify user authorizations according to an insurance company’s organization structure, both geographically and functionally. The system maintains full user activity history and transaction audit trails.

Data Ownership and Protection

All customer information and policy data belong to the insurance company.

To protect business and customer information, all data transmitted via internet and stored in databases are encrypted.

Compliance utilizes Microsoft Azure for system deployment. As the world’s leading cloud platform, Azure datacenters meets all major regulatory compliance requirements and industry standards.

For more details, please visit Microsoft Azure Trust Center website at

Business Continuity uses Azure SQL Database to store policy data. It provides 99.99% high availability and resilience to disruptive events. Databases are backed up automatically and continuously. The backup is stored with geo-redundancy, and can be restored to a specified point in time if unexpected interruption arises.

In case of a disastrous event occurring to the datacenter where is hosted, can be deployed in another datacenter within a short period of time, thanks to Azure’s global network of datacenters.