About LifeOffice.net

LifeOffice.net is a cloud-based life insurance policy administration system designed for insurance companies of all sizes. It is a lightweight technology solution that can do heavyweight lifting for your insurance business.

LifeOffice.net is built on modern cloud computing technology from the ground up. It is deployed on Microsoft Azure, the world’s most trusted cloud platform. The user interfaces are web-based and compatible with all commonly used browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Safari and Chrome. Users simply use web browsers to access the system and perform administration tasks from anywhere 24/7 via secure internet connection.


LifeOffice.net is not just an administration software. It provides a total IT solution that helps an insurance company to manage technology investment and allocate resources more effectively.

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LifeOffice.net provides end-to-end administration functions throughout the entire life cycle of a policy. It supports all common types of life insurance products. In addition, it can also be customized according to individual companies’ unique product features and administration needs.

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By being deployed on the world’s most trusted cloud platform, LifeOffice.net implements advanced security measures to protect against potential cyber threat and business interruption.

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