Benefit is not just an administration software that provides end-to-end administration functions for life insurance products. It is a total solution that enables an insurance company to manage technology, financial and human resources more effectively and efficiently. system solution is provided to insurance companies on a “Software-as-a-Service” (SaaS) delivery model. This allows a company to maintain the ownership of its valuable business data while leaving the development and maintenance of systems to our IT specialists.


No up-front license fee

Use of does not require up-front license fee. This reduces the financial strains from acquisition of new system and mitigates the risk associated with adoption of new technology.

No additional hardware and software only requires web browsers and internet connection in order to access the administration platform. Your existing workstations and devices should probably already have these basic capabilities.

No additional IT resources

Ongoing system and database maintenance are included in our standard services. Therefore, insurance companies do not need additional IT resources to maintain the system.

Accessible anywhere 24/7

Thanks to cloud deployment and web-based interface design, can be accessed by authorized users from anywhere, any platform, 24/7.

Highly scalable system capacity and performance can be scaled up or down easily according to business needs without interfering with day-to-day operation. It also keeps system usage cost in line with size of business.

Highest security standard cloud platform implements multiple measures to maintain highest security standard from internet connection, user authorization, information encryption, database backup to disaster prevention.