Actuarial Solutions Overview

Life insurance industries are evolving rapidly. Technologies have changed the way how business data are collected and analyzed.

At Actuarial Perspective, we take a further step beyond traditional actuarial advisory services by integrating modern computing technology with actuarial analyses to help our clients to solve complex business problems.

Actuarial Modeling Service

We specialize in building actuarial models using open source approach.

Our open-source approach has many advantages over commercial actuarial software packages. It allows actuarial modeling teams or individual practitioners to have full control over their models. It enables transparency and customizability.

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Health Analytics Service

Health Analytics Service is an integrated service that combines our strength in data analytics and information technology.

We help insurance companies by conducting in-depth analyses of health claims experience, and incorporate the analysis results into a web-based business intelligence and pricing system.

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Actuarial Advisory Service

We also provide advisory services in traditional actuarial practice areas to small and medium size life insurance companies.

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