Actuarial Advisory Service

Actuarial Perspective focuses on providing actuarial and management consulting services to small and medium size life insurance companies. We take a holistic approach in helping our clients to solve complex business problems.

Our Services

We have over twenty-five years of industry experience in life and health insurance businesses in Canada, Caribbean region and Asia Pacific. Our major areas of expertise include:

Product Development
  • ❯ Product design and rate development
  • ❯ Contract wording
  • ❯ Cloud-based proposal system
Financial Reporting
  • ❯ Actuarial valuation
  • ❯ Capital adequacy assessment
  • ❯ Experience analyses
  • ❯ Appointed Actuary role
  • ❯ Reinsurance sourcing
  • ❯ Treaty review and negotiation
  • ❯ Reinsurance administration
Merger and Acquisition
  • ❯ Actuarial appraisal
  • ❯ Finding buyer/seller of insurance portfolio